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It seems like every day we switch on the news and hear about more division, violence, anger. Flick on your TV, and you’ll see suspicion and pain and confusion. Open up the newspaper, and you’ll read stories about yet another tragic shooting, another life lost, another family in grief. Turn on your computer or your phone, and headlines pop up about unrest, chaos, injustice, suffering, abuse… hatred.

I have absolutely not one tiny bit of doubt that this deeply grieves our God. Watching children of God harm and kill other children of God. Witnessing human beings made in God’s image doing terrible harm to other human beings made in God’s image. This is not what our loving God has in mind for God’s children.

So… what do we DO about it?

In the Christian church, the season of “Lent” — the 40 days leading up to Easter — are meant to be a time of introspection, contemplation, and repentance. All of which are fancy terms for taking a deep, hard look at ourselves, at our lives, at our world … and coming to terms with where we’re broken.

So, to get us started, this Lent we invite you to join with us in 40 Days of Prayer!

This year Lent begins on February 14th: Valentine’s Day! What a fabulous coincidence. Can you think of a better day to begin a time of prayer than on a day that is meant to be a celebration of love?

We’re asking you to sign up for an hour time-slot, and to pray for 15 minutes at some point during that hour. You can sign up for one time-slot or a whole bunch across the 40 days. Just 15 minutes, but when we all join together that is a whole lot of prayer!

Sign up by clicking on the date ranges below!
February 14 – 24
February 26 – March 8
March 9 – 20
March 21 -31

After you’ve signed up, come back to this site to download the guide for your prayer time, which will lead you through the 15 minutes. You can add in your own prayers, of course, as you feel led, but the guide will get you started.

Then, after you have completed your prayer time, we would love for you to send us an email about ideas you have for taking powerful, caring, intentional action, as together we seek to fight hate in our world by living love!

Next Step: Prayer Guide

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