Take Action

Here are a few things you can do to Fight Hate + Live Love!

Share your ideas with us, and we’ll add what we can to this list! 🙂 info@fighthatelivelove.com

Write to your government leaders

When you see something abuse, injustice, cruelty, violence that makes you mad enough to take to social media to launch an angry post out into the world… STOP! While posting can feel incredibly cathartic, and release the emotional pressure of the moment, it also doesn’t DO much to change what made you so angry in the first place. There are enough angry posts floating out there, exacerbating the tension. Instead, write an email (or a letter! or make a phone call!) to your elected officials about what you would like to see in your community and country. Express your dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, and offer positive suggestions for other ways forward. Click here for government contact information and helpful links.

Get together with like-minded friends
You probably already know who in your circle is on the same page as you when it comes to the issues that burn in your spirit. Set up a time to get together and share ideas! Start out by praying together for God’s guidance and wisdom. Then, instead of allowing the conversation to veer into a group complaint (always a huge temptation!), keep the conversation focused on what positive, powerful actions the group can take together. Then put together a plan to put your ideas into action!

Commit to using your Social Media accounts to fight hate + live love
Our social media pages are overflowing with negativity and anger right now. Friendships have already been damaged by online disagreements that blossomed into knock-down-drag-out virtual fights. Already existing tensions in families have escalated, as sides are taken and heels dug in with postings of  memes, posts, videos, and articles. Churches are being damaged by the vilification of one “side” or the other as theologically-backward or misguided. To do our small part to STOP the downward, degrading cycle, commit to putting up positive, loving posts on your social media. Share things that are inspiring, heartening, and Jesus’-gospel-true. Let your voices be heard in ways that are healing and hope-filled! For more information, click here.

More coming soon!