Bitterness … Cynicism … Disappointment
Despair … Anger … Exasperation
Cruelty … Resentment … Violence

Right now our world seems more divided than ever, with people on the edges of every possible issue passionately defending their beliefs, each louder than the next.

But although everyone is arguing,
no one is listening.
No one is changing anyone else’s opinions.

Which leads to even more frustration. And more anger. And hatred.

How do we escape this deeply-saddening downward spiral? The answer is both remarkably simple and quite challenging. Together, through prayer and action, we seek to:

Fight Hate + Live Love

In a world of madness, offer sanity.
In a world of confusion, offer comfort.
In a world of anger, offer peace.
In a world of darkness, offer light.
In a world of despair, offer hope.
In a world of apathy, offer action.
In a world of hate, offer love.

Check out some steps you can take below…
and thank you for your interest in Fight Hate + Live Love!